Sunday, December 26, 2010

Before and After (Part 1)

I think we have about 2000 records and living in New York presents a lot of storage challenges even though we have a big apartment with a lot of closet space.  Being 2 homosexual males with a lot of clothes plus the whole wardrobe for a drag queen our closets are full.  We have successfully filled a 3 x 3 cube shelf I got at Target about 8 years ago.  Each cube holds about 100 records, so that's 900 (give or take). 

Here we have the spill over area (the floor between my desk and the wall) in a particular state of disorder.  Dan says it makes us look like hoarders, and to be fair I took these pictures when it was a bigger mess than usual, but I think these will only make the after shots look all that much better
We thought about buying more cube shelves from Ikea but decided not to conform to those clever Sweeds and their modular furniture.  So instead we are gonna go for the classic cinder block shelf.  So now we just have to borrow a truck from our friend Jules, locate a Home Depot with somewhat competent employees, gets some paint, and some cinder blocks and we will have our new shelving unit.  Bah-bye spill over zone, hello sheik, sleek new look for our parlor!  That's right, we have a parlor.

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