Monday, December 27, 2010

Before and After (Part 2)

 So we began construction on our shelf kind of at the last minute.  Seeings how we have no car we depend on the kindness of our friends with cars when we need to move big items.  In this case my friend Jules loaned us her Ford Explorer for the afternoon.  We went to the Home Depot in Flushing Queens.  The cinder blocks were buried in the very, very, far, far back corner, blocked by palate after palate of various materials.  We loaded 8 huge 14 x 12 blocks of cinder onto our cart and went and got the Plywood, and paint.  After dropping off the supplies at home we drove the car back to Jules, hopped back on the train (not before stopping at Nook and Cranny (47-42 Vernon Blvd)).  After then it was a race to beat the setting sun.  I raced to the roof with 2 stools to use as saw horses and an electric sander and went to town on our plywood.  

Meanwhile Dan was in our foyer wiping the cinder blocks down with rags and then painting them.  Cinder Blocks soak up paint like a sponge.  After I finished sanding on the roof I started painting our plywood (after wiping the excess saw dust).  In the hall outside our apartment.

  While the first side of my boards dried I went and moved the records and the bookshelf away from the wall, stacked them neatly in piles, and swept and mopped the whole area.  Thus killing several dust bunnies, "I'm not mad at you Helga I'm Mad at the dirt"
Dan takes a break and enjoys a banana.
I am done with my banana, now back to work!
We decide to repaint our radiator cover while we are at it.
records!  records! everywhere!

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