Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Sensuous Woman

Dan reading The Sensuous Man
Dan came into my life already owning The Sensuous Man By M.  Lucky for me he came pre-trained in the art of being a Sensuous Man all due to this magical book with chapters like GETTING IT UP AND KEEPING IT UP and FAREWELL TO PREMATURE EJACULATION it's the perfect tool for any man.  One day he came home from a record digging expedition saying he had seen a record for The Sensuous Woman but didn't buy it because it was priced at a steep 6 dollars.  A few weeks later my dear friend Julie D. was in town and mentioned she had a hankering to pick up a Wings album.  We ended up back at the Tropicalia In Furs a record shop in the East Village (305 E. 5th street) that I found thanks to Dust and Grooves (a fantastic blog check it out!!!).  And there she was, The Sensuous Woman By J. in all it's 6 dollar glory.  I couldn't pass it up and i am so glad I didn't.  The Sensuous Woman is brought to life by  Connie Z. who sounds like a slut and talks you through the delicate art of Orgy Etiquette, how to harden ones nipples and a plethora of other feminine delights.  I think Connie Z. puts it best when she says " Even if you are knock kneed,  flat chested, cross-eyed, and balding you can learn to have a really joyous and fulfilling sex life".

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  1. Wow, if Connie can get a knock kneed, flat chested, cross eyed and balding woman laid, she must be a magician! -Nicole