Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cowboys and Indians and White People!!

There isn't much in this world that I love more than a white person dressed up like an Indian and then singing about it.  Here The New Christy Minstrel's Sing and Play Cowboys and Indians.  I was disappointed with the quality of the pic of the whole album (my shitty camera phone, someday i will get a proper camera) so I did a scan of The New Christy Minstrel's so you could fully appreciate how amazing this album art is.
There are so many things in this picture that I love!  Lets start with the Asian "cowboy" sitting on the head of the bearskin rug toting a banjo and the one right behind him looks like Doris Day as Annie Okley.  Then the one behind her has clearly slipped a finger into her ass, hence her smile and his look of displeasure.  The two in the center I like to think of as the hasenpfeffer engines cause they looked like they stepped right off a Swiss mix box.  And all of them super imposed over a painting of noble Native Americans.

Check out Three Wheels on my Wagon, best line "Get back in the Wagon Woman!"

And then there is my personal favorite They Gotta Stop Kickin' My Dog Around. 


  1. Yes, but what KIND of Indians? Do you mean "Native Americans"? :)

    Thank GOD you scanned the album art! It's worth it!

  2. That tall dipshit in the middle with the feather in his head is Paul Potash. He had a folk duo for a while with Art Podell. They're both still kicking around LA.

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