Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Dark Knight

I was a huge Batman fan as a kid. I still have tons of old DC comics, unopened action figures, trading cards, books, you name it I probably had it. But I never had this! Batman and Robin! The album!! Featuring the The Batman Theme song  from the 1966 TV show.  Also included are such hits as Batman's Boomerang, Joker is Wild, The Riddler's Retreat, Penguin's Umbrella, and Batmobile Wheels.  This was 5 bucks at Sanford and Sven's Second Hand in Williamsburg.

Here is another Batman record I found at a strange garage sale in this weird woman's house.  Her name was Libby and she was moving upstate cause she couldn't take it anymore!  Libby was a lunatic who decided she was a record salesman when it came to pricing, and then didn't understand when we put half the records back because no one should be paying 10 bucks for a scratched beat up LP .  I ended up paying a buck for this weird off brand (Panda Children's Record) which was more than I should have paid considering the condition.  Again it's got catchy song title's like The Joker Laughs, Riddle, Riddle, Riddle, Take off Wheels, Robin the Bird, Zap; Pow; Bats Away, and The Penguin's Walk.
 As you can see below the important message is true.  And what lovely art it is.  To frame or pin!  We ended up getting several really great album's from crazy Libby (and a fire extinguisher) I hope she used our cash for gas to get the heck outta NYC.

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