Saturday, January 8, 2011

Eat Me...Drink Me...

Here is a 4 record set of the Lewis Carroll classic Alice in Wonderland. Read by Cyril Ritchard who might best be known as the Captain Hook from the Mary Martin Peter Pan.

I was instantly thrilled by the idea of a seasoned thespian like Cyril wrapping his smooth Continental dialect around my favorite children's story.  These records are almost as exciting as a pile of sand.  But I still effing love this find.  I got it years ago for 10 bucks at a little flea market on Bleeker Street.  I love that creepy little girl he is reading to.  If she has a twin she could be in the re-make of The Shining.  

It even comes with a copy of the book so you could read along if that's your thing.

Then there is the cotton candy Disney version of Old Alice and here crazy adventure in that land of wonder.  This was mine as a wee tot, it is well worn, well loved, and well worth shipping out to NYC.

Here are the storybook, the pics are grainy but you get the idea.

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