Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Carol Channing!

If you grew up in my generation you most likely know Carol Channing from the T.V. movie of Alice in Wonderland singing the insane Jam Tomorrow, Jam Yesterday.  Or hollering "RASPBERRIES" in Thoroughly Modern Millie.  But it may surprise you to find out that Channing in fact was best known as a Broadway Star!  And if that surprises you, you might also be surprised to find out that Sarah Palin is a dumb bitch.   Carol has been many things in her life, an honorary lesbian, a Jerry's Girl, and part African American.  Carol Channing is a weird ass national treasure and I heart her more than words.

I gasped audibly when I came across Carol Channing Entertains at Bleeker Street Records for $9.99, I snatched her up but quick.  Her voice is usually akin to that of a bullfrog, but I think she sounds vocally amazing.  While still doing that Carol Channing "thing" she manages to sing well on this album.  My favorite track is Elegance from Hello Dolly ( a song she did not sing in the show).

I love that final note which isn't exactly a high C, but she hits it with gusto and full vibrato. Now I consider that to be a "Not As Channing" selection cause it's not sung as much in that fucked up Carol style.  So I have to include a true Channing song as well.

It's called I'll Die Happy, and at 90 years old (on January 31st) I'd say she's got at least 10 more years in her, if not 20 before she even has to think about that.
Another Channing treasure came from the record store with no name on 3rd Ave right below St. Marks.  Top floor is for CD's, downstairs are all the albums.  I hate this place cause it's super dusty and moldy and there are always an over abundance of know it all hipsters, but Dan always has amazing luck here.  I just have an allergy attack.
Like so many album's of it's time it sounds like it was recorded in a public restroom, very tinny, and bright.  But it's fun to hear her warble as she gets older.  This was a recording of her 1979 Vegas act.  Ahhhh people were so easily entertained.  This is The Story of Cicillia Sisson.

The Show Girl was really just a showcase for Channing to do what she does.  Thanks to Don and Mark for this glorious Christmas short its's amazing.  I love this album art a lot.

So Happy Birthday Carol Channing, you are one amazing broad.

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