Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Those of you who know me probably know that Chicago is my favorite musical.  In a pathological kind of way.  I really think it is a perfect score with a perfect story, but I am not here to defend my choice of a Kander and Ebb musical as my favorite instead of a Stephen Sondheim show.  I am simply here to introduce you to Lee Konitz who is the best looking Jewish saxophone player I can think of.  According to the people at wikipedia Konitz was a driving force in the world of cool jazz, two words that sound so wrong together, like Jennifer Lopez and the word actress, or Sarah Palin and the word smart.  Cool jazz draws up the immediate image of Kenny G, which in turns makes me want to puke, but apparently cool jazz was modern jazz in the 50's and 60's, artists like Miles Davis and Gerry Mulligan were also on the cool jazz forefront(learn something new everyday).

Konitz may have been a well respected cool jazz genius, but that doesn't make this album art any less amazingly stupid.  There are so many things I am glad about.  I am glad they only hired one model, and I am glad that the model looks like one of Konitz's nieces.  I am glad they employed the use of three naked mannequins to fill out the chorus, and I am also glad that one of them is an African American mannequin.  I am glad they have him blowing into him sax for the photo.  But mostly I am glad that the model who I think is Lee's niece is wearing panties an her head.  I was gonna put up some sample tracks but they are awful and I don't feel like it.

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