Friday, January 7, 2011

How to Strip for Your Husband

 As far as kitsch goes I don't think it gets anymore kitschy than Ann Corio's How to Strip For Your Husband: Music to Make Marriage Merrier.  Miss Corio was a Burlesque performer and ecdysiast, in other words she was a stripper.  But back then a stripper didn't writhe around on a pole to shitty rap music.  Back then a stripper was an artist not a whore.  The music now would probably be laughable to most, but I find it to be a brilliant example of what the word Bawdy really means.  You can hear the bumps and the grinds.  I only wish that my copy had the step by step illustrated instructions, but for 99 cents at Bleeker Street Records for a an album I have been searching for for years I am still quite happy.  Conducted by Sonny Lester. This is also where I got the Theme song to TOO UGLY FOR TV.  A brilliant show I host the third Monday of every month!! download and unzip!!


  1. I have just downloaded iStripper, and now I enjoy having the hottest virtual strippers on my taskbar.

  2. Let me know if you ever get the book; my LP was bereft by the time I got to it...! :(