Friday, January 28, 2011

James Bond Friday: Dr. No

I have noticed a lot of blogs seem to have "theme days" so I decided to start James Bond Friday.  In a nutshell I will be posting a James Bond Soundtrack every Friday until I run out of James bond Soundtrack's.
I Figured I should start at the very beginning, I am told it's a very good place to start, So here is The Motion Picture Soundtrack for Dr. No, the very first of the 23 Bond films.  This is the very first time we ever heard the iconic Bond Theme.  Which some say was written by the Dr. No composer Monty Norman, others say John Barry who scored the next 11 Bond movies actually wrote the James Bond Theme.  Myself I don't give a shit, I am just glad someone wrote it.  Like the Jaws Theme, you hear it and you know exactly whats coming next, perfection!

This soundtrack is missing a key element, the splashy, sexy, raucous, opening number sung by a sexy Shirley Bassey/Tom Jones type. But what it does have is The Three Blind Mice Calypso.

I had no idea the soundtrack was so ethnic! I actually love this kind of music, it sounds like The Ventures made out with Martin Denny, not at all what I think of when I think of a James Bond Film Score.  And then I realize with shock and horror that I may not have ever seen Dr. No....and added to my Netflix que.

                                                                           This is the Jamaican Rock, my final selection for this post, it reminds me of Bud Shank's Brazilian jazz album.  I will have to listen to this again...shaken not stirred.

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