Saturday, January 1, 2011

Little Black Sambo

Here is a flash back from my childhood, Little Black Sambo, the tale of an African boy who tricks a pack of voracious tigers into chasing each other round a tree until they melt into butter which he brings home and uses on a batch of delicious pancakes.  Happened to me a million times, in fact it's my primary source of butter.

It's a 2 LP set (78's) and has a little story book on the inside covers.  The story of Little Black Sambo was written in 1899 by Helen Bannerma and according to wikipedia it's a perfect example "darky iconography"

I got this for Christmas from Vintage Spinster and I did a full on gay gasp!  I love kitschy racist crap!  I owe Dave, of Kate and Dave, a big thanks for this as well.

I think it's strange they don't list the Illustrator, but in the bottom corner it's signed Barnes...Whoever this Barnes is I like his style.

We were going to order pizza for dinner tonight, but we changed it to pancakes....with butter

Read this guys Bio!  It's sounds like they are introducing Liberace!

Anyone remember the pancake house called "Lil' Sambo's" on the Oregon Coast??  I always wanted to go but we never did.

I was trying to remember what my copy of Little Black Sambo looked like.  After a bit of hunting on Google I found my copy.

I love the coy look Sambo is giving the tiger..."Hey tiger..."

Happy New Year from your Whores of Vinyl!


  1. I can't believe it's not tiger!

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  3. God, best post yet! Also...your "About Me" is pretty much perfection. I literally laugh out loud every time I read this blog. AH! Thanks!!

  4. I remember Sambo's! There was one in Eugene as well. I don't remember ever hearing the story about Little Black Sambo, however. Now it all makes sense ... the tiger, butter, pancakes... pankcake restaurant!

  5. Teresa, according to the internet there were several Lil' Sambo's Restaurants up and down the west coast. Now only 2 remain, one in Lincoln City, and one in Southern California

  6. i have one of these copies of this little black sambo,does anyone know how much it's worth?


  8. Sambo was East Indian ... this didn't happen in Africa there are NO TIGERS in Africa .... there are lions and cheetahs and leopards ... but no tigers.