Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mr. Barbra Streisand

James Brolin Sings!!  He really does and something tells me Barbra Streisand does not let him listen to this masterpiece around the house.  It would drive her wild with jealousy.  I think you can tell from the cover that Brolin has an easy going everyman sound, the kind of guy who might wear jeans while walking through a wheat field.  When I first saw this I hoped it would be a country album, but a part of me wanted to hear Brolin's gritty, city side.   Well I was in luck, Side One is "The City Side" with mega hits like California on My Mind, Spaceships and Sandwiches, and my Personal Favorite, Little Girls Need Lovin' Too

"Side Two" is where James really cuts loose and display's his inner hillbilly as it's The Country Side.    Tracks include One Foot in the Gravel, Daddy What If (written by Shel Silverstein), and Bar Maid.

Streisand is probably going to hunt me down and kill me for blogging about her husband instead of her, but I don't care.  I just want to yell it to the wind "JAMES BROLIN HAS AN ALBUM AND I LISTENED TO THE WHOLE THING!!"

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