Monday, January 10, 2011

Shlemiel! Shlemazel! Hassenpfeffer Incorporated!

It makes perfect sense that the producers of the hit spin off of Happy Days would want to capitalize on the popularity of these two silly Dames.  I just never thought that my favorite Yenta, Miss Penny Marshal would cut an album.  I mean i knew she could act, I knew she could direct (I have seen Jumpin' Jack Flash), but who knew she could sing.  Though I dare say it sounds like Cindy Williams takes the lead on most of the vocals.  Check out their awesome cover of Chapel of Love.

Listen to the way they can barely hold the melody, hear how the phrase each line as if they were 8 margarita's into a long night of karaoke, and look at the way Penny Marshall is sucking that Popsicle on the front cover.  I bet she could fit a foot or two in there. 

This totally reminds me of Jan hooks and Nora Dunn as The Sweeney Sisters...but not as good.  It was hard finding a track that featured my Jewess Penny, but I think the track Sixteen Reasons features her comic timing best.

I got this kitschy little gem at The Academy Record Annex (415 E. 12th) for a cool 50 cents.  Not bad, I think Penny would appreciate that price.

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