Friday, January 21, 2011

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Some brilliant person decided to record the Original Broadway Cast of Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf!  An iconic and amazing play by Edward Albee probably best known for the film Starring Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor (for which she won and Academy Award).  And deservedly so; for Taylor this was her first character role, a departure from the ingenue's she usually played.  This is by far my favorite play, Albee is a genius and this is surely his masterpiece.  It's dark and demented and so goddamn funny it makes me wanna devour a chicken leg and talk with my mouth full (did you watch the clip?).

Here is Act One.  Anyone go to acting school and have to read Respect for Acting by Uta Hagan?  I remember thinking at the time, who the hell is this Uta Hagan women and what the hell does she know about acting??  She did few movies, mostly plays, but Virginia Woolf was her finest role.  And after listening to this I feel like old Uta put her money where her mouth is.  This bitch can act.

It's a 4 record set with the entire play captured brilliantly.  It also comes with a 13 page book with tons of info, bio's, pictures.  It's pretty intense, so I scanned them in for you guys.

Act Two                                                                                                                                                   

Act Three


  1. I'm obsessing over this. Been listening to it all day at work---stunning to hear Hagen's Martha, she is perfection!

  2. Please Please!! any chance you can repost this? Says "files not found"

    would be greatly appreciated or can you direct me to a digital version of the OBCR of this classic American play???

    my email is PeterMartin593@gmail


  3. I wold love this as well.