Thursday, February 24, 2011

Truck Drivers Paradise

This summer my favorite Vintage Spinster (check out her kick ass blog) and I went on a trip to sunny Sacramento.  An epic 3 day airport debacle later we arrived and sat by the pool for a day or two, but neither of us could resist the temptations of the thrift stores of California.

I happened upon Red Simpson at a Salvation Army and there were probably 12 different truck drivin' records by Red to choose from.  If I knew then what i knew now I would have grabbed them all.  Trouble is I already had around 60 LP's to carry back to the east coast and 12 albums about Truck Driving just didn't seem like a wise buy.  I chose Truck Drivin' Fool because of the catchy song titles, my favorite (the track above) has to be Diesel Smoke and Dangerous Curves, all about a trucker who encounters a woman with curves that are in fact...dangerous. 

It turns out I love Red Simpson. I totally dig this kind of old school honky tonk, Johnney Cash, country sound. It's also educational, I know a lot more about long haul trucking than I ever did before and that is important too.  Just Listen to Jackknife.,
 Bakersfield Dozen was a Valentine's present from Mr. D.  I have Two words for you: Party Girl

So everyone take a few minutes from your busy day to get to know my favorite truck drivin' fool Red Simpson. He is awesome.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Oregon Sweet Oregon

I am from Salem, Oregon crystal meth capitol of the west.  So imagine my surprise when Dan and I were shopping at Good Records in New York City and he says to me from the dollar bin across the way "Isn't this your High School?"  I actually went to Sprague High School (GO OLYS) but South Salem High was our rival school.  So this record has survived since 1961 and somehow made it from the west to the east only to wind up in a dollar bin and then back into the hands of another Oregonian.  Pretty cool I think.
 February 14th is a notorious day all over America and I think we all know why.  It's Oregon's birthday!!!  So i thought I'd share with you guys this little gem, The New Oregon Singers!
I thought a high quality scan was in order for this priceless album art.
Look at these ladies!  They are loving their matching dresses, hair-do's, and shoes!
So Happy 150th Birthday Oregon, you are almost as old as Elizabeth Taylor and you look a lot better.

Friday, February 11, 2011

James Bond Friday: Goldfinger

The James Bond franchise hits it's stride in the film Goldfinger.  The first 2 Bond movies, though great, seemed a little like they were finding their footing especially when it came to the score.  Here John Barry finds his horns.  That brassy sound that you hear and immediately think BOND.   

This is the music that has become the standard sound for the 60's in general, especially espionage spy thrillers. The horns, the lush orchestrations, the sweeping way the music takes you into the thick of the action, John Barry was a freaking genius.  This was also a milestone because it was the first Bond movie to really use the title song over the credits, and the first to use the glorious British songstress Shirley Bassey.

Whats not to love? This belttastic number written by Barry and Anthony Newley is my personal favorite Bond theme song of all time.  Bassey hits it outta the gosh dang park, her vocals are electric and thrilling, and come outta her with such ease and class.  Anthony Newley was an actor, writer, singer most famous for the score to the Broadway musical The Roar of the Greasepaint the Smell of the Crowd.  He did the lyrics for Goldfinger, but listen to this song from Greasepaint called The Joker.

It is a tad suspicious that it has the same pattern of sound as Goldfinger, and the exact same ending, and both were released in 1964. And it's no surprise that I also love the song The Joker. It's right up my brassey alley. Side Note the song Feeling Good also came from Roar....

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ann Margret

It is actually against the law in 7 states to dis-like Ann Margret.  She is a beautiful actress, singer, dancer who has worked with some of Hollywood's handsomest stars.  Elivs Pressley, Chistian Bale (Newsies), and even the jaw droppingly gorgeous Walter Matthau to name a few.

Ann Margret is one of the world's most respected and gorgeous stars ever to grace the silver screen, and god love her she is a red head.  It's always nice to see people with red hair or people with glasses making it in the world even with their obvious deficiencies. 

Back in the 60's she was a regular chanteuse, recording many, many albums (which, rightfully so, are usually very expensive) as well as staring in several movie musicals.  I mean who deosn't love watching Ann rolling around in chocolate and baked beans as the spew from her tv in Tommy??  I am pretty sure it's the only watchable part of the entire film.

Most of Margret's music tend to be classic songs, standards, and some camptastic originals like my personal favorite 13 Men (And Me the Only Gal in Town).  Here she pulls out all the stops for her self titled album and decided to go disco.  Look at how she is throwing her head back on the front cover, you can almost hear her snorting up lines of cocaine while Diana Ross and Liza entertain the masses at Studio 54.  Magic.      

Say Prune....Prune.

Dan picked her up at the gross record store on St. Marks and 2ave for 6 bucks, and with only six tracks that works out to a buck a song.  I think she is well worth every cent.

Friday, February 4, 2011

James Bond Friday: From Russia With Love

I miss the cold war.  It was our best war to date, nothing really happened just lots of veiled threats, and what wikipedia calls Proxy Wars.  The Cold War created a climate of paranoia which Ian Flemming exploited brilliantly in his series of books about super spy James Bond.  This was the first of 11 scores John Barry  did for the Bond franchise.  It's Barry who really created that James Bond film sound you are used to, it was also apparently he who wrote the famous Bond Theme.  John Barry passed away January of this year...sad bunny.
Who doesn't love Russia?  Is Russia even a place anymore?  Who can keep track of what goes on in former Communist parts of the world these days?  James Bond, That's who.  This marks the first Bond film with a title song, although they still have one movie before the song really becomes iconic (Bassey/Goldfinger).   Lionel Bart wrote and performed From Russia With Love, a kind of forgettable, boring song. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"This Pussy Belongs to Me"

Who wants pancakes?
Rudy Ray Moore, comedian, actor, lewd record producer, wants everyone to know that "This Pussy" in fact "Belongs to" him.  Words I have never, nor will I ever utter, even in reference to a cat.  But I was thrilled to add this to our collection this weekend on Dan and I's first record excursion since our major Christmas haul.  We have seen this a couple times but it's always like 40 bucks so for 4 bucks how could we not?  The Academy Annex in Williamsburg never lets us down.

 It's kind of an awesome LP like afro, beat nick, stream of consciousness, poetry.  It's labeled as a comedy album for adults only, but I don't think that's a good category to put it in.  I'd put in Rudy Ray in the Bitch Sucker Category, cause I am a bitch sucker for Rudy Ray.

I added the whole album in one track, lets see if you have the wherewithal to sit through the whole thing.
You'll have to listen to the whole thing to get to the best track Mr. Big Dick.  Lucky for us 40 Pounds of Chittlings is right at the beginning.
We both have so much in common with Rudy Ray.  Our love of lounging on animal skin rugs with loose women, our love of comedy records with an afro beat, but mostly our love of pussy.