Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ann Margret

It is actually against the law in 7 states to dis-like Ann Margret.  She is a beautiful actress, singer, dancer who has worked with some of Hollywood's handsomest stars.  Elivs Pressley, Chistian Bale (Newsies), and even the jaw droppingly gorgeous Walter Matthau to name a few.

Ann Margret is one of the world's most respected and gorgeous stars ever to grace the silver screen, and god love her she is a red head.  It's always nice to see people with red hair or people with glasses making it in the world even with their obvious deficiencies. 

Back in the 60's she was a regular chanteuse, recording many, many albums (which, rightfully so, are usually very expensive) as well as staring in several movie musicals.  I mean who deosn't love watching Ann rolling around in chocolate and baked beans as the spew from her tv in Tommy??  I am pretty sure it's the only watchable part of the entire film.

Most of Margret's music tend to be classic songs, standards, and some camptastic originals like my personal favorite 13 Men (And Me the Only Gal in Town).  Here she pulls out all the stops for her self titled album and decided to go disco.  Look at how she is throwing her head back on the front cover, you can almost hear her snorting up lines of cocaine while Diana Ross and Liza entertain the masses at Studio 54.  Magic.      

Say Prune....Prune.

Dan picked her up at the gross record store on St. Marks and 2ave for 6 bucks, and with only six tracks that works out to a buck a song.  I think she is well worth every cent.


  1. Ann Margret's baked beans scene is my favorite in Tommy, though Tina Turner tottering around in her platforms singing Acid Queen ranks a close second.

  2. Great blog here!!!

    Can you shed some light on your statement: "It is actually against the law in 7 states to dis-like Ann Margret."

    Is this an actual fact? If so, where did you obtain this information and what are the 7 states?

    I'm an Ann-Margret fan and love to hear about her.

  3. If and only that such laws could be enforced, sadly it was just a joke. But i adore Ann, she is such a warm, and wonderful performer. From Viva Las Vegas to Best Little Whorehouse in Texas she is always a gem.

    Thanks For checking out our blog Gary. Feel free to click and follow us!

  4. Thanks for the reply on that. That was just a great and original comment you made there. I'm a follower now. I saw her performance in BLWIT when she was on the tour in Baltimore in May 2002. I have an Ann-Margret page you may want to check out...
    accessible even if you are not on facebook.

  5. Great page Gary, I just "liked" it:-)