Friday, February 4, 2011

James Bond Friday: From Russia With Love

I miss the cold war.  It was our best war to date, nothing really happened just lots of veiled threats, and what wikipedia calls Proxy Wars.  The Cold War created a climate of paranoia which Ian Flemming exploited brilliantly in his series of books about super spy James Bond.  This was the first of 11 scores John Barry  did for the Bond franchise.  It's Barry who really created that James Bond film sound you are used to, it was also apparently he who wrote the famous Bond Theme.  John Barry passed away January of this year...sad bunny.
Who doesn't love Russia?  Is Russia even a place anymore?  Who can keep track of what goes on in former Communist parts of the world these days?  James Bond, That's who.  This marks the first Bond film with a title song, although they still have one movie before the song really becomes iconic (Bassey/Goldfinger).   Lionel Bart wrote and performed From Russia With Love, a kind of forgettable, boring song. 

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