Thursday, February 24, 2011

Truck Drivers Paradise

This summer my favorite Vintage Spinster (check out her kick ass blog) and I went on a trip to sunny Sacramento.  An epic 3 day airport debacle later we arrived and sat by the pool for a day or two, but neither of us could resist the temptations of the thrift stores of California.

I happened upon Red Simpson at a Salvation Army and there were probably 12 different truck drivin' records by Red to choose from.  If I knew then what i knew now I would have grabbed them all.  Trouble is I already had around 60 LP's to carry back to the east coast and 12 albums about Truck Driving just didn't seem like a wise buy.  I chose Truck Drivin' Fool because of the catchy song titles, my favorite (the track above) has to be Diesel Smoke and Dangerous Curves, all about a trucker who encounters a woman with curves that are in fact...dangerous. 

It turns out I love Red Simpson. I totally dig this kind of old school honky tonk, Johnney Cash, country sound. It's also educational, I know a lot more about long haul trucking than I ever did before and that is important too.  Just Listen to Jackknife.,
 Bakersfield Dozen was a Valentine's present from Mr. D.  I have Two words for you: Party Girl

So everyone take a few minutes from your busy day to get to know my favorite truck drivin' fool Red Simpson. He is awesome.

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