Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Dark Knight (Part 2)

While cruising around Long Island a few weekends ago with our dear friend Vintage Spinster, dodging pot holes, and thrifting our way back to a Cash and Cari marathon on HGTV, we happened upon a new record store Mr. Cheapo's CD and Record Exchange .  Lots of used CD's, DVD's, VHS, and in the back a ton of records.  Found some awesome stuff which I will share later.  But I thought I would update my Dark Knight Post with a new addition.
Where as my other two Batman albums are just funky 60's music, this is a story like a radio play.  Well several stories all lasting about 10 minutes.  All the usual suspects are here the Joker, the Catwoman, the Riddler, and the Scarecrow.  Though I would have happily substituted the Penguin for the Scarecrow but i always have had an affinity for water foul. And I love the art by Neal Adams, a staple artist of Batman comics through the 70's. Power Records has a whole line of superhero story albums (most of which where at Mr. Cheapo's but I am on a budget so I had to leave all but this behind.)  The album doesn't dumb their material down for kids.  Not only do you see the museum guard dead with "that awful leering grin on his face", but Batman and Robin casually discuss the Joker needing a frontal lobotomy "Oh that Joker really is a menace, Batman - do you think an ice pick job would fix him?"  Yes Robin, an ice pick usually does the trick.

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