Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fill Me Up Lord

I wanna start by saying that I love Tammy Faye.  I really do.  For a televangelist she was a trailblazer, she was the first person to bring an HIV positive gay man on television.  This was back in a time when people thought you could get AIDS from sharing a spoon with a homo.  And she, a lady of the church, showed the world that it was ok.  But enough about AIDS, the point is Tammy Faye did it cause she really genuinely loves people, I think maybe all people.   While I don't believe in God, I do believe in the power of Tammy Faye.  I also believe that this album art might be the most amazing album art ever in the history of the world.  Tammy I will Run Toward the Roar if thats what you want me to do! 

Here are the many casual poses of Tammy Faye.  From right to left 
1. The Jessica Hahn
2. Baby's Sleeping
3. What's That Lord?
4. The Power of Prayer  
5. Ahoy  
6. Look Ma No Hands. 
And let's not overlook the many poses of mighty Mufasa behind her.  Run Towards the Roar is a win, win album. It definitely begs the question who thought of this layout?  Was it Tammy Faye herself?  Was it a message from God, or did some ad executives at a meeting say "Maybe we should get a pith helmet, and a taxidermy lion." 
There is something about the way Tammy is dominating that can of paint that really makes me believe she has in fact had enough.
Sadly this isn't the disco super hit Enough is Enough by Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer.   But Tammy's version is a razzmatazz up tempo extravaganza for the Lord, complete with a Kenny G. style saxophone solo.

Here she sings the classic Lean on Me with her daughter Tammy Sue, pay special attention to the spoken word section.
I would never call Tammy Faye a singer (or a makeup artist) but she has the kind of voice you might remember hearing at church on a Sunday morning from the lady sitting behind you.  She can carry a tune, and she does it with feeling but I wouldn't put on a Tammy Faye album for an enjoyable listening experience.  Lets be honest you own a Tammy Faye record because she is fabulous, and album after album she has the best dang cover art.
For In the Upper Room she couldn't decide which wig was better so for the front cover she chose a long sassafras coif doo, and a short Tammy Faye means business doo on the back.  These shots aren't out of focus, Tammy had the good sense to be photographed through a thin layer of petroleum jelly to soften her look, like Lucille Ball in Mame.  

I love His Eye is on the Sparrow so I couldn't resist sharing it with all of you.
People have a pre-conceived notion about Tammy Faye, it's hard not to she makes a vivid first impression.  But tear off those massacre caked lashes and remove the 2 feet of makeup (a girl after my own heart) and you had a wonderful person who didn't judge others (well maybe Jessica Hahn a little bit) and found a way to forgive the many people in her life who screwed her over.  If you have never seen the documentary The Eyes of Tammy Faye I highly recommend netflixing it now.  And I couldn't do a blog post without mentioning my connection to Tammy, the short lived talk show Jim J. and Tammy Faye.  I didn't miss one episode!

Her life was a roller coaster of up's and downs, just like anyone's life i supose, but her's was always in the public view.  Her battles with cancer, her very public divorce, and even more public loss of her TV network, she never lost her faith, she never lost her spirit, and she never lost her Loreal mascare. 


  1. Love Jim J and Tammy Faye. She was a real class act, thanks for all the terrific album art!

  2. You are most welcome. Me too I looked forward to Jim J. and Tammy Faye everyday (hey it all rhymes). I got to meet Jim J. Bullock last year he was so nice and sweet and listened to ramblings of a drunk fan. But he said working with Tammy Faye was a joy.