Monday, March 14, 2011

How to Make Your Husband a Sultan

At first glance this appears to be Amy Winehouse, but since this woman still has all her teeth, it turns out to be nothing more than your average run of the mill Turkish belly dancing instructional album.  What sets this aside is the title, How To Make Your Husband a Sultan.  We have come a long way since the misogyny of the early part of the century, but even in 1972 women were expected to make their man want to feel like a Sultan.  I prefer my woman make me feel like a Dictator or at least a Viceroy. 
This is no ordinary belly dancer this is Turkish movie star Ozel Turkbas, a woman so famous she doesn't even have a wikipedia page.  But according to her bio on the album she has been in Turkish show business since the age of 7, starring in many popular Turkish movies.  She was brought to the United States by Italian Director Franco Zefirelli to play the role of la Orientale in his production of Opera Thais, whatever all that means.  While she was here she noticed that Americans weren't listening to "beautiful Turkish dance music" if you can imagine such a thing.  So she hired "the finest American Engineers to record Turkey's best musician's" after all shouldn't the whole world be listening to this crap?

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