Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Praise Him!

Doesn't Amy Grant look like she just dropped off her kids at daycare, swung by Walmart for a 24 pack of double ply, grabbed lunch at Chick-fil-A, and then hit the recording studio to lay down some wicked awesome religious pop tunes?  My primary memory of Amy Grant comes from my father who loves all gay friendly music God love him.  So I grew up listening to Celine, Bette, Barbra, Tina Turner, The Supremes, and unfortunately Amy Grant.  The song I most remember is of course Baby, Baby her biggest hit.
Dan says he used to dance around in his underwear to Amy Grant with a baton or a scarf, I can't remember which and he is in the kitchen and not answering my yells for a definitive answer. I imagine he danced to her poppier musc, and not to Track 1 of this album What a Difference You've Made.
The point is this album art is vile and by vile I mean amazing. Who gives a shit what her "music" sounds like, I am living for her uneven smile, Goodwill blouse, and banging hair.  Praise Him!

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