Tuesday, April 19, 2011

99 Cent Bin!!

I got out of work early today (HUZZAH) so I popped over to Bleeker Street Records and hit the 99 cent bin, and here is what I came out with.
I love ray Charles and i already have Volume One
More Ray, blind black people are so talednted

I am really getting into Johnny Cash so this will be fun to listen to, plus who doesn't love Hank Williams

I love/hate Yoko Ono.  I have seen her in NYC on the street and a part of me wanted to punch her and a part of me wanted her to yell I mean sing.  She is so awful I love her...if that makes sense.

Santana, i hope that guy didn't catch anything from that mangy pigeon
BOO price tags on records!!

HUZZAH! For price tags that come off easily and without leaving residue


  1. Hi Just found your blog looking at another one.

    Would you guys be interested in joining the Exotica Mailing List?


    Lots of other vinyl diggers there. Check the archives. Digest mode is easiest.

  2. Hey Martooni I will def check it out, love finding out what other diggers are finding:-) be sure to click and follow us:-) thanks!