Saturday, April 9, 2011

Doin' It For Sickle Cell

This album literally speaks for itself.  And i am to tell you that i stole this from Dan's hope chest as he intended to do this as his first blog, but because I know him better than you and know that it will never happen I stole it and now I'm going to make fun of it.
I felt that the title of the album gets kind of lost, so here is a better look at it.  I also think these guys missed out on a whole franchise here.  There could have been frozen "pop-sickles", a dance called Doin' the Sickle Cell (which would no doubt be a hybrid of the hustle and the worm) mayhaps a chain of Sickle Cell restaurants Sick L. Cells, any thoughts on a good name for them?  We can't think of anything right now.
And what a line up of stars everyone from Bar-Kays to the Reddings.
Curious that the only people doing all the work for Sickle Cell research also could have been on a NBC's hit sitcom A Different World.  Its at this point that Dan points out the majority of people afflicted with Sickle Cell are in fact African American and i realized just how stoned i actually am, and that I was thinking of Stem Cells.   

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