Monday, April 18, 2011

LIVE! Burlesque LIVE!!!

I would prefer for the purposes of this blog that you only pronounce the album title LIVE! Burlesque LIVE! as in actress Liv Tyler and not "Live from New York it's Saturday Night!"  I just think its funnier that way.  Read it again with Liv instead of Live....LIVE! BURLESQUE LIVE...hilarious!.
There is literally nothing about this LP that i don't love, from her pasties to the font used for the title this is perfection.  And if you are following my blog you may remember from my Gypsy Rose Lee post (which thanks to you guys has been my most viewed post at 990 views and counting....I am so proud) that I am obsessed with all things vaudeville, especially the burlesque aspect.

Though I am not a fan of titties in real life, I am a fan of dragging them out and shaking and shimmying those mama's around to bawdy music.  I decided since this is technically a show I didn't want to pick out one track, instead I just ripped side one and side two for your listening pleasure.

Supposedly burlesque is having a comeback, but it can't really because times have changed to much.  In fact burlesque is too classy an art form for most people to ever really appreciate it now.  In it's purest form burlesque would be considered tame....or even lame now.  Then it was shocking and thrilling, now it's antiquated.  I just love albums like this that capture a moment in time, and its a moment that i am so glad I own and can share with you.
On a side note we used to go to the Gaiety Theater in Times Square every once in a while which was always an interesting experience.  It was New York's Gay Burlesque House, a place for gross old men to pick up a porn star (for a price).  We were usually just drunk enough to pay the 20 dollar cover and there for no other reason than to say we did it.  The "dancer" would come out, shake his shit around to a crappy song usually with a boner, the old men would throw money on the stage.  Then the song would end and in complete silence the porn star would stand there and pick up his spoils (awkward).  Or even more awkward  was when we were there and we'd clap at the end, this through off the whole room.
Then the porno actor would retire to the Apollo Lobby and if you were interested in his services you followed him out and the bidding began.  I found these "Sketches of the Gaiety" years ago and thought this was as good a time as any to drag em' out and share em'.  The paintings were done by Patrick Angus and though this wasn't The Gaiety that housed Minsky's Burlesque it was an institution for 30 years.  The Gaiety is now closed, replaced by an American Eagle no doubt, but at least these drawings exist.

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