Friday, April 1, 2011

Port Said

nice pasties
Is she a midget?  Or is this just a bad photo where she looks oddly out of proportion?  I had my fingers crossed for midget but it turns out she is Turkish belly dancer Nejla Ates, which makes this the 2nd Turkish belly dancing album I have featured this month...weird.  On the cover she is billed as the star of Fanny, which I assumed meant the musical and not an 18th century slang for butt, and I was right.  But look closely at that picture its like attack of the killer tranny, midget, genie in a lamp.

Mohammed El-Bakkar is the real star of the album.  It is Mohammed you will hear caterwauling in the clip below.

Check out this terrible run on sentence.
Why they got to go draggin' the candlestick maker into this?

Here is a clip of Nejla in action!


  1. Very nice, well, um Whores! Have had this record in my to-do pile for years now but can shelve it back into obscurity! And since we have similar musical tastes, we must really linky-linky with y'all today!

    Check us out at Zip Your Rip and see if you agree, we won't be hurt one way or t'other.

    Good luck er...Whores!
    ps. if you see anything of interest at our pad, grab it quick...our links are disappearing faster than a prom dress.

  2. Thanks a bunch LoungeTracks, LOVE your blog, though I haven't had a good stretch of time to really explore. As soon as I get chance i am looking forward to really seeing the extent of your stash!

    I will def link your blog on my page and thank you so much for adding this post on your page, muchas gracias!

    Oh and I am so glad that someone else has Port Said, and appreciates the shear kitsch glory of that art!

    keep in touch, and thanks again