Thursday, May 19, 2011

Black Coral

At first glance the best thing about Black Coral has to be the fact there is no coral involved, instead the props department found a nice twig with some moss in place of say some Black Coral.  It's also curious that they actually made the model pose underwater?  Usually the covers of lounge music like this are photographed in what is essentially a b-movie style set.  Like I expect her to be in a blue room with paper fish swimming by in an old fashioned diving helmet giving the camera a coy but slutty nod.
As is often the fashion when one becomes a record collector one stumbles upon amazing music simply because one couldn't pass up the cover art.  It's hard to pass certain things up, especially when they tend to be 99 cents.  Black Coral was actually a package deal, 4 records for 10 bucks at Yarmouth Boatworks and Antiques Market  between Hyannis and Yarmouth during our weekend excersion to Boston and Cape Cod with the lovely Vintage Spinster.  Turns out we have a good eye as it's currently selling on ebay for 50 bucks.

I was expecting lounge music ala'  Martin Denny or Lenny Dee but was pleasantly delighted to find out that The Rene Paulo Trio is actually a jazz combo.  I have been really getting into jazz music over the last 4 years and I always think that i don't have many jazz albums in my collection but after a quick count I am approaching around 500 or so jazz LP's and this is a great new addition.  There wasn't a whole lot of information about the Rene Paulo Trio online so i just did a scan of the back of the LP rather than a crappy summary of my own.  My favorite line is "The one time Julliard student of music is ably assisted by 350 pound Ed Shonk on Bass"  Thanks for throwing his weight around.
There are lots of albums out there celebrating the music of our 50th state most of which sound as you would expect them to, tropical, and Hawaiian.  That's why the jazz approach to traditional Hawaiian music is so effing awesome.

Rene Paulo's piano stylings remind me of two of my favorite jazz artists Vince Guaraldi and Dave Brubeck so I am definitely going to be on the lookout for more of his material. Give me a Click



  1. Well, that did turn out to be a surprisingly cool record. I bet the lady on the cover art was one of those girls who would swim in fish tanks in lounge bars for a living.

  2. thats really my dream job, swimming in a fishtank like daryl hannah in splash

  3. Good find. Thank you for posting.

    I did invite you guys to the Exotica mailing list and associated Facebook page?

    If not here you go and say something about yourselves! Please feel free to mention this find to the ~500 folks there.

  4. I like giving cameramen slutty nods ALL the time.

  5. Thanks Martooni, I just subscribed to the list looking forward to it!!

    and Swaboda, i know you do

  6. Sorry if I seem a bit daft, but, I'm clueless about where to find the whole album...

    ...can someone throw me a rope, please?