Monday, May 9, 2011

Put a Bird on it

Birds are so annoying, especially loud birds.  Thank goodness there was a popular trend in the 50's and 60's where you could train your canary to sing like a song bird.
I was hoping the actual songs would include birds chirping along, alas these are just classical standards.
Glad they cleared this up, I knew those filthy birds weren't all Canaries.
I would personally love to hear my canary sing Danny Boy.  Speaking of, my very own Danny boy picked this amazingly weird album while on vacation in Minnesota from Hymie's Vintage Records the very man responsible for my new favorite holiday Record Store Day.  If you are in The Twin Cities you must stop into Hymie's and check it out, I am told it's an amazing place
We decided to decorate using empty canary cages in out bedroom, I have been practicing my song bird whistling so I can stick my head inside the cage and serenade Dan as he sleeps.
We went with empty cages since our curtains are covered in creepy little birdies.  Funny story, on one of our first dates Dan and i were having dinner at the World Wide Plaza (home of Blockheads Burritos) whilst walking through the square Dan scream at the top of his lungs drawing the attention of everyone there.  When I looked down I saw I had stepped on a live pigeon.  I picked up my foot and it scooted away unscathed but every eye in the whole place had turned towards us so I said "It's ok I just stepped an a pigeon" and as if on cue everyone resumed their meals.  Filthy dirty birdies.


  1. I just realized your curtains are like a Vera print.

  2. what can I say Vera has great taste