Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ronald Reagan Wants to Give You Aids

He was a dreadful actor and an even worse President.  He and his wife Nancy single handedly helped the AIDS virus spread by doing and saying nothing as 100's and 1000's of people were contracting the virus and dieing.  From January 20th 1981 to January 20th 1989 the American people had to endure this turd lemon who lost his mind half way through his Presidency.  Thanks goodness that before politics, and before AIDS Reagan did what all handsome people with no talent do, he acted.  Here is a diddy of an album, unfortunately it's not Ronnie singing himself, these are merely his favorite songs...Award Winning songs...from Hollywood.
Brought to us by the people at General Electric and even more specifically GE electric ranges, they are all the rage.
I am so glad they gave Reagan a platform to speak about GE products, I can think of no one more knowledgeable on this subject than actor and host of the The General Electric Theater Ronald Reagan!  Well perhaps Alec Baldwin... but I digress.
I have nothing nice to say about him as a person, and I thought his wife was dead, but I fucking love this art.  I fucking love that people used to sit home and say, "Honey, grab that Ronald Reagan Recommends album lets play it during dinner".  A simpler time... thats for damn sure.

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