Thursday, May 26, 2011


Get out of town!  I think I'm in love, in love with Tabu.  What amazing cover art, it draws you right in with it's brash colors and slutty looking models.  These two both look seconds away from ravishing one another and who can blame them?  A stunning red head poised in her prime (who appears to be naked) and a hot ethnic fellow with a drum, I'll drink to that. 
I got this beauty last summer when I was in Sacramento visiting my Aunt Chardelle.  It was this huge flea market the name of which escapes me right now but I bet my dear Vintage Spinster remembers and could post it in the comments:-)  It was everything a flea market should be complete with an entire building in the middle filled from top to bottom with dollar records, it was a diggers paradise.  In fact it was kind of over whelming, I remember sitting on the floor surrounded by piles and piles of records not knowing which way to turn next.  Once I had 20 I just left even though I could have easily walked out with a 100.  I was traveling 3000 miles to get home and had already accumulated about 80 LP's so 20 was my limit.

Tabu is perfect lounge/exotica led by bandleader Ralph Font.  It's nothing as amazing as say Esquivel or Martin Denny but his latin rhythms and lush band do it for me in a highball kind of way.

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