Monday, June 20, 2011

10, 000 PAGE VIEWS Merrill Womach Style

We must have passed 10, 000 hits while I was on vacation and I am just now noticing, so a great big giant Vinyl Whores thank you to everyone who reads our blog!  We love doing it, and I am so glad to have people who enjoy reading it.  Now in honor of 10,000 views and our 70th post, I thought I'd dig out something really weird to share.
This is Merrill Womach not Michael Crawford, he was in a plane crash which left him disfigured and severely burned an excuse Michael Crawford does not have for looking the way he does.  Merrill was also a mortician, and a church gospel singer with a full hearty bellow that I get such a kick out of.  This album tells the tale of Merrill's harrowing experience, in words, music, and (thank GOD) pictures.
This is the Plane Crash, which looks less like a plane and more like the shanty that Jason Vorhees lived in Friday the 13th Part 2, but i guess that will happen to a plane when both engines explode on impact.
I have a feeling this is an actor playing Doctor Edward Hammacker, and that actor is....Michael Douglas.  This is of course before Douglas went under the knife himself...if i had a dollar for every stitch in his face.
And here is the creme de' la' creme, the picture that is truly worth a thousand words, Merrill's poor head.  It makes me want BBQ...mmmmm BBQ.
Here is Virgina, Merrill's wife.  We are upset for her of course, but at the same time we are loving her choice in decor, and her perfect bouffant hair.
Here are Merrill and Virgina's kids.  Dan is a hipster, Judie is awesome cause she spells her name with an "ie" and Marlene is a tramp.
I wish Merrill was wearing Virgina's wig.
Merrill Feels bad for anyone who doesn't have God in their lives, while me being a little more practical am feeling bad for the Womach's especially if they don't have heath insurance.
My favorite line from the whole damn thing "All through the whole operation he sang and sang--the whole operation!!"  I can't get the image of Merrill lying there belting out religious tunes all during major reconstructive surgery.  But God works in mysterious ways....
I love when life can take a big old shit on a person and they find the silver lining through God.  Amazing...stupid, but amazing.
This is Merrill's final message to us all, well not his final message I saved the best for last.  This is a clip from the 30 minute movie about the ordeal of Merrill Womach where he BELTS out his most famous tune in a male hospital ward.  Weird, check!  Awesome, check!  Now do yourself a huge favor and watch this video clip or you will burn in hell.


  1. Damn! You are one heartless, callow, cruel person. Why do you get such glee from joking about this poor man's fate? Your attempts at humor are not particularly funny, and you don't seem to add value to any sort if examination about the underlying story of Womach's life or existence. Human scum you are. I have made screen grabs of your site and will consider mocking you and your idiocy at a time and place of my choosing. FU.

  2. You are one sick puppy. Thinking about BBQ while displaying photos of a man's fiery tribulation? What is wrong with you? You may want to ask yourself.