Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gracious Buffet Living

After living in New York for 13 years I have decided to become an agoraphobic.  I just hate people so much.  Since I will still need a social life I am exploring the options like BBQ's, Cocktail Party's and Buffet's.  Lucky for me I already have the soundtrack for my new life as a shut in, Gracious Music for Buffet Living.
Look at these two!  Gracious living at it's finest.  Ummmm Gracious Buffet living that is.  That broad has some junk in her trunk.  And he looks like Cole Porter.
I think a closer look at this buffet is in order
Look at these turds, what an amazing spread. With enough knives for a full fledged throwing competition,a ham, maple walnut chiffon cake, marsh mellows, a small reasonable bowl of baked beans (THEY DO NOT WANT LEFTOVERS), Crudité including black olives, oranges, raw yam, scallion, white onion, and a pickle. All while tossing their salad with a smile.

I am sure many of you are interested in hosting youR own buffet party, but you are probably worried about it as well.  All the pressure of what to cook falling onto your shoulders.  Well the producers of this album have included many recipes.  For instance you to can make a Ham Mousse.


I am on the lookout for the other albums in this series, Gracious BBQ living, Music to Play after the Dance, and music for a Foursome! HA! Check and Check


  1. Wow, can you post the album as mp3's please? I've been wanting this one? I have 2 others...

  2. Ooops, never mind, I have this, and "After The Party" by Peter Barclay

  3. Sorry for the slow response I was out of town without a computer. Glad you found Your Gracious Buffet Living, life is hardly worth living without it. Whats "After the Party'? Sounds delicious!

  4. The correct title is "After The Dance". There is also a fifth record in this series, with probably the best album cover of all, "Do-It-Yourself".

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