Friday, June 24, 2011

HAPPY GAY PRIDE from LIZA and the Vinyl Whores

What's gayer than Liza??  Not much, not even Rosie O'Donnell fucking Jim J. Bullock is gayer than Liza.  She has exclusively married gay men, sung gay song's, worn gay clothes, and her mom was fucking Garland.  Liza is an icon, a Living Legend and my source of gay pride this year.

This rare little goodie, Liza at the Winter Garden, is perfection.  Liza is in top form, original material by John and Fred (like the Track above Exactly Like Me), some pop tunes, and of course round it out with her "new at the time" hit song Cabaret and you have a great Liza Concert.

I got this on Christopher Street (GAY) at a street fair (and yes I had my blue hankie in my back right pocket) for 99 cents!  And then a week ago at a BBQ we had our dear friend Kenny gave us a second copy which I passed along to our friend Tirzta because face it, one should have as much Liza in ones life as one possibly can.

(Natural Man)
I literally have a piece of Liza and it fits. For Christmas a few years ago Dan got me a shirt worn by Liza on Arrested Development. I wear it on nights when I need the strength of a real homosexual, like Liza, to get me through.

(Shine on Harvest Moon)
So that's all for now, have a Happy Pride weekend, and behave yourself Liza is watching.


  1. honey, i need ALL of that liza gayness in my earhole, not just 4 songs!

  2. your earhole shall be filled with the whole album, I shall post it for you Monday! Happy Pride!