Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lazy Sounding Ladies Week: Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield is the best singer who every lived.  It's not arguable, this is a fact.  Dusty Springfield is just simply the best.  Like many of you I discovered Dusty because of Pulp Fiction, and like many of you I assumed this Dusty Springfield woman must be Black because she sang with such soul, and bravado.  Come to find out, not only was she white, but also British (she fools you with her near perfect teeth.)  I suppose the album most people think of when they think of her is Dusty in Memphis.  It's the album where Dusty moved away from her Burt Bacharach sound, and went mowtown.  And though I LOVE Dusty In Memphis (enough to say with confidence that It would surely place in my top 3 albums of all time) I decided to introduce you to a lesser known Dusty treasure Brand New Me.

In interviews Dusty has talked about how much she admired Peggy Lee, and very much tried to emulate Lee's style of singing. Which if you put these two songstresses up against each other they certainly have a quality that you could call similar.  Which is why they are both featured in Lazy Sounding Ladies week.  I was gonna add more but for the third time this week Blogger is sucking my ass.
 She looks so much like Judith Light in that picture.

If you don't have any Dusty Springfield there is no time like the present to get her in your life

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