Monday, June 27, 2011

Lazy Sounding Ladies Week: Peggy Lee

Who doesn't love Peggy Lee?  She is perfection and a perfect way to start lazy sounding ladies week.  A lazy sounding lady is a singer who sounds almost as if they could hardly be bothered to sing, but manage to fill their voices with emotion unfathomable, belting their apathetic guts out.  And Peggy Lee was the queen of it.  Of course everyone knows her popular hits Fever and Is That All There Is?  But I could not resist sharing one of her strangest albums, Mirrors.  The whole things makes me think of Angie Dickenson in Dressed to Kill???  I think that was the point of a Leiber and Stroller song to draw images of loose broads sprawled out on grand pianos, drinking courvoisier, moments away from having a Jodie Foster pinball machine moment.
For those who aren't in the know Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller are the song writers responsible like every  song ever written; Hound Dog, Yakety Yak, Jailhouse Rock, I'm a Woman, Spanish Harlem, and Is That All There Is?  This is Peggy's tribute album to these amazing songwriters and she has picked some of their most effed up material to share with us and thank God she did, cause this album is an experience that will leave you saying....what the fuck?  Check out for instance the first track on side two, and my personal favorite song on the album, Professor Hauptmann's Performing Dogs.  6 minutes of sheer theatrical weirdness.

Dan has been obsessed with Peggy Lee since he was a wee lass of 7 years old and He's a Tramp is still one of his signature songs.  In fact to this very day Dan trys to lead a "Peggy Lee lifestyle" know booze, and apathy, and getting smokes in his maribu house slippers all while being blond and statuesque. 

Dan's Grandfather grew up with Peggy Lee in Jamestown, North Dakota where I am told he got to third base with Peggy in the sandbox during recess.  So we are basically related to her.  Here is another totally amazing, fucked up song, just have a listen to The Case of Mj.  Pay particular attention to the parts where she speaks   "How old were you when your Father went away?"

So weird right? I wanted to go out on a more Peggy Lee note so the final track is I've Got the Feeling to Good Today Blues, a song I am familiar with from Patti LuPone's Live at Les Mouche album where she is high as a kite, coked to the night club rafters belting her guts out, whooping and hollering as Patti is known to do. So Peggy's is like the polar oppisite.  But this is Lazy Sounding Ladies week so a slightly more subdued version should be expected.

So as I said this is Lazy Sounding Ladies Week, check back for a new lazy sounding lady each day.  And congratulations to New York, I am proud to be a resident of this state this week!

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  1. Dan IS Peggy Lee. (And did you really reference a gang rape in jest?! God, I love you!)