Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My What a Little Box You Have

Malvina Reynolds was a folk singer and song writer probably best know for the title song from the first 2 seasons of the Showtime series WEEDS (after the first two seasons WEEDS went wildly out of control and totally lost focus and lost the theme song as well).  Though Little Boxes does not appear on this album Malvina! Held Over is chalk full of little gems for everyone's enjoyment.  For instance the track bellow titled God Bless the Grass, a song which also could have been the theme for WEEDS.

Malvina was a kind of Jackee' of all trades, a singer, songwriter, political activist...wait she actually sounds like Bono, only not an obnoxious pain in the ass.  She started song writing late in life, contributing hits to many folk and rock singers also a regular on Sesame Street as a character named Kate.  Unfortunatley a search on youtube for a video of Malvina has been rendered impossible as the dreadful Kate Perry apparently appeared on "the street" wearing a low cut dress and there are way to many hundreds of those to sift through.
I have no idea where I got this, but I know I only paid 99 cents for it and I am sure it was a Christmas gift for Dan.  This was a gay gasp album.  You know the kind of thing you never expected to see in a thousand years, in fact probably had never considered even finding, and then pow!  There is it, and for only 99 cents.

(If You Love Me)
The third Monday of ever month I do a show called Too Ugly For TV (I play a lovely demure lass named Vodka Stinger) and my co-host and I performed "Little Boxes" accompanied on the autoharp which I am horrible at playing.  It's a fun watch and if you've never seen the show and you live in NYC drop me a line and I'll shoot you an invite to our next show in July.

Click Here for a treat.

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