Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Ugliest Girl in the World (Not Willow Smith)

Since the rapture was such a colossal let down I thought I would introduce the world to a little girl who knows a thing or two about the Bible.  Her name is Little Marcy, and she is without any doubt the ugliest little girl in the world.  Let me put it this way, she makes Willow Smith (the former ugliest girl in the world) look like Liz Taylor and that's no easy feat.  Little Marcy is like Sissy Spacek, Nellie Olsen, and Arnold the pig from Green Acres pooped a monster child who knows a thing or two about The Bible and she sings!
In this drawing we see just how monstrous Little Marcy truly is, towering above this assortment of Bible characters, probably contemplating their demise.  
Then there is the Little Marcy Doll...comparing it to Chucky doesn't begin to address how frightening this doll is...that being said IF ANYONE SEES ONE OF THESE AT A THRIFT STORE, GARAGE SALE, Etc please get it for me!!  I have a small collection of creepy dolls and she would fit right in,
(From Left to Right) Swamp Baby, Creepy Bunny, Bethel, Garbage Face, Annie, and Sleepy Baby.
(From Left to Right) Shelley Duvall, Mexican man, Robe, Barbra Streisand, and Swamp Baby Again.  Wouldn't the Little Marcy Doll Fit in Perfectly?

This....I have no words for...


  1. If someone gets you a Marcy doll, I am never coming over to your house again.

  2. She is as pretty as Bethel, with the personality of Swamp Baby, and the conviction of Marie Osmond

  3. I could pee from how much this post made my laugh.
    Swamp baby NEEDS Marcy as a does Bethel....and Dan.