Thursday, June 23, 2011

Voodoo SWEET!

I have always had a fascination with magic, and of course voodoo.  There are quite a few voodoo recordings out there and this is the first, of hopefully many, over the course of my record collecting life.  This I would put more into the Lounge/Exotica/Jazz category as it's a music album and not say an album full of voodoo chants.  Either way I love this!  Side one is just the Voodoo Suite, side two are other lounge standards.
There is a great story on the back cover though as is often the case with LP's of it's time, it's long winded, and written in a difficult manor, unlike my more modern, laid back, and some would lazy style of writing.  It boils down to this, Shorty Rogers (a jazz trumpeter and fluglehornist responsible for the "west coast jazz sound") and Perez Prado (a Cuban band leader, musician, singer, songwriter, and general music genius) were hired by a producer name Herman Diaz to record a new sounding jazz album using primitive rhythms.  Here is Voodoo Suite, I am obsessed!  Click Here

I got this on my trip to Salem, Oregon (the crystal meth capitol of the world) at a little record store recamended to me by my friends over at Ranch Records.  I actually liked the store alot, however I was forced to leave before I was done digging because the owner and his son got into a knock down drag out fight.  I did get some great stuff, but people should learn that it affects business when you are assholes.
I keep finding more random voodoo shit around my house.  This came from a book fair at Liberty Elementary School from when i was but a wee homosexual.  Isn't it wild that they were pleddling voodoo to 2nd graders, they could never get away with that now.

(In the Mood)
Well there's only one thing left to do, stick a pin in it, I'm done.

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