Saturday, June 18, 2011

What Are You Listening To?

I sometimes marvel at the variety of music record collecting allows, for instance the three albums I had on yesterday while I was supposed to be cleaning my apartment but instead I was sitting on the couch playing Words With Friends on my new Iphone, listening to Queen, Jimmy Smith, and Loretta Lynn.  What records do you have out right now??  Which album are you playing over and over??  Feel free to share in the comments! 


  1. Verve Re-Mixed (not really a record), 101 Strings - Fly me To The Moon and early Art Of Noise.

  2. Oh, sounds like good listening. I love the Verve re-mix albums. The Sarah Vaughan Verve remix of Peter Gunn is one of my favorites. And how can you go wrong with 101 Strings. You just can't. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Tuxedomoon - Ghost Sonata

    Amon Düül II - Phallus Dei

    Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother

    Eyes Wide Shut Soundtrack

    Serge Prokofiev - The Montagues and the Capulets ( Dance of the Knights ) My own Version, dubbed, redubbed, cuttet, recuttet, mixed and re-mixed, overdubbed with Noises of Animals, Warsounds, Thunder, Rain, Sirens, Deathbells and and and...An over 3 Hours long Experimental Track from more as 20 Orchestras and Solo Pianists from around the World!It`s soo dark and i love it sooo much!!!Started in 1998 and finished in 2007...
    Chatlef :-)

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