Friday, July 15, 2011

Dave Brubeck, Red, Hot, and Cool

Over the past few years I have been getting really into Jazz, I find It makes a good background to the hustle and bustle of New York City.  I have a few favorite Jazz artists, one of which is certainly good old Dave Brubeck.  The man responsible for one of the best know jazz tunes of all time Take Five.

If you live in NYC and have never been to Smalls Jazz Club on 10th street it's the place to go to hear good jazz music. It used to be that you paid a 10 dollar cover, bring your own booze, pass a joint around (be sure to share with the musicians), chill out relax, get wasted and listen to great music kind of place. I haven't been there for years but something tells me that Smalls has probably been forced to elvolve with NYC. Meaning as time passes more laws, more taxes, more pain in the ass neighborhood organizations, mean less fun for the NYC nightlife. Which also means Smalls probably isn't a place it's safe to spark up a doobie mid set anymore.

Here is a personal favorite of mine, Roger's and Hart's Lover as presented by Brubeck.
Here is The Duke, I love how the narrator calls this "the strangest and lovliest music since jazz was born."  There isn't anything all that strange about this now, but at the time this was a revolutionary sound.

Another cue I love from this album Indiana.  This is a great album and for only 99 cents I was more than happy to add this to my collection.

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