Monday, July 18, 2011

Feelin' Mighty Fine

Look at these fuckers!  Just look at em'.  This is the kind of priceless album art that can only be sold for a dollar.  It's not so much the men that interest me here, it's the ladies.  There is no easy way to say this but those are some fugly broads.  I say fugly but I mean it in a fabulous way, not like Maria Shriver or Willow Smith who are without a doubt modern day gargoyles.  These ladies didn't have to be pretty, these ladies are folk singers, and from the looks of things sisters.  Lets get in a little closer shall we.
I'd like to focus on the 3 in the middle, the ones who by all rights should have burlap sacks over their heads.  The first girl, with the blue bow, looks just like the maid from The Omen.  The one who loves Damien, and says it's all for him.

What a devoted nanny, you just can't find that kind of "help" anymore.  Turns out this is the Pierot family who don't have a wikipedia page but they do have their own website.  Next up we have bloated looking Loretta Lynn.
A little make-up goes a long way ladies...
And my personal favorite Mama Cass after she ate Leatherface.
Give that lady a chainsaw and she is good to go.  The music is awful beyond measure so I shan't waste your time or mine.  Do yourself a favor and don't think of these girls right before bed or right after a heavy meal.


  1. Then I guess this should be of some interest:

  2. Oh Thanks Adolph, that's a great blog, especially if you speak German. But I can dig all that crazy art.