Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jungle Drums with Morton Gould

Half of me belongs in another era.  Back in the days when women couldn't vote and there were only four channels on your black and white TV.  Back when smoking in hospitals, cocktail hour, and lounge music prevailed.  But the other half of me knows I can't live without things like the internet and air conditioning.  So i am glad in this case I can have my cake and eat it to.  I can drink in the afternoon, smoke in my house and listen to lounge music to my hearts content all while shopping on amazon in the blisteringly cold air conditioned living room. Either way lounge music always gets my Jungle Drums working overtime.  Though Morton Gould doesn't fall into the full fledged exotica category he is definitely a lounge composer/conductor. 

Surprisingly few Jungle Drums can actually be heard in the title track from this album but note the different album covers?  Something to keep my eyes pealed for I suppose. But I prefer the lady on my cover who looks like she's dancing through the plant department at Walmart.

This is Tropical from side two.  There is something about birds calls incorporated into lush campy orchestration's that I simply can't live without.


  1. You're right VWs, Morty wasn't your typical exoticat but I still lump him in with them. This and his sequel "More Jungle Drums" belong in everyone's collection.


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