Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sounds in Space!

The title of this album clearly needs to be read so it sounds like the famous "PIGSSSS INNNN  SPACCCE" from The Muppet Show.  Try it now if you will  "SOUNDSSSS  INNNN SPACCCCE!"  Dan picked this up on his trip to Minnesota for 99 cents not knowing exactly what the heck it was.  That's half the fun of record collecting, picking something up based purely on how it effects you esthetically.  Turns out this is an album one would have used in perhaps a showroom to demonstrate "Living Stereo" versus the old Mono sound.  Check out a little of side one to see what I mean.

I love the countdown to the explosive sound at the beginning narrated by Ken Nordine. Basically this is a compilation of music from the RCA catalog everything from Lena Horne to Stravinsky.
Here is the rest of side one.

A big thanks to Vinylrecordsneverdie for doing all the work and uploading this to the youtube. Speaking of youtube I really hate it lately. Does it cause anyone else's computer to freeze for 10 minutes at a time? Or is it just my shitty little Dell that has been fucked up for weeks for no apparent reason?  Its the only site that I go to that causes this problem.

Let's see how long it will freeze while I try to simply copy and embed the final video, I'm betting on 8 minutes even.

Amazing only froze for 3 minutes this time.


  1. Very groovy! Love me some Ken Nordine.

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