Saturday, August 20, 2011

Breaker Good Buddy

When I was in middle school my friend Jackie Miles was really into CB's so much so that for my birthday I received a CB radio from her.  Presumably so we could chat (though I preferred a good old fashioned phone call.)  Mainly because the hill between our 2 house prevented us from getting reception but really because who wants to carry on a gossipy conversation about musical theater where everyone can hear you and add their stupid opinion??  But we did used to have fun chatting with the local weirdo's some of which were cool most of which were douche bags but what can you expect from someone who was chatting with their neighbors in Salem, Oregon on a CB?
Dictionary of CB terms
This Gem (from Good Records 99 cent bin) would have been such a help for us young kids just starting out in the CB world.  Look at this bitch who is presumably CBing her husband no doubt to tell him to pick up some scotch and lemons for the key party they are throwing later that night.  Lets use the dictionary of terms from the back cover to simulate a CB conversation.

Breaker, Breaker, sweet daddy grab a brown bottle, watch out for any bears taking pictures, don't buy an orchard on the double duce, over.

Translation: Hello Husband grab some liquor, watch out for police using radar, don't get in an accident on route 22, later.

I did wanna include one track from this album just to give you a hint of what its like.  I chose track 7. Where are the Smokey's and the Beavers??  (Translation using the dictionary abover Where are all the Police and the Ladies??)   I love that ladies are called beavers in the CB world.

Over and Out.


  1. Fun audio sample!

    On a related note, I recently watched C. W. McCall perform "Convoy" on an episode of The Rich Little Show DVD set released by MPI months back. Every time I see him sing it, a little magic is taken away from those first times I heard it on the radio and once thought it was a cool song!

    I'm also reminded of one of those Welcome Back, Kotter paperbacks where Kotter and the Sweathogs use a CB radio in the classroom!

    What are beavers called in the CB world?

  2. Any chance this full album is online? I'd love to have some fun with this.