Saturday, August 27, 2011

Come on Irene

Just a quicky post today as we have to prepare for the category 1 super storm of the century Miss Hurricane Irene (wild applause).  Seriously though how am i ever going to eat all this soup?  At least the peanut butter and jelly will go to good use.  Anyways let's talk about a different Irene.  Miss Irene Cara (wild applause).
She will always be Coco the girl who cries in Fame when she has to take her top off in a sleazy video, its a classic moment.  But she is also the singer responsible for many of our favorite 80's hits.  But today lets listen to some of her lesser known tracks like Keep On from her What a Feeling album.

So best of luck to all of you in the path of old Irene, hunker down, drink your selves silly, and be safe.

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