Thursday, August 25, 2011

The First Nudie Musical

I have had a fascination with this movie since I was a kid perusing the aisles of American Family Video in Salem, Or.  I would spend minutes staring at the covering trying to unlock the secrets that lay within, trying to envision what a nudie musical would be like?  I was already a fan of the genre but this had promise to take it to another level!

(Overture - Rene Hall conducting The First Nudie Orchestra)

I finally saw The First Nudie Musical in high school (no doubt with Pecial Mo and Julie D.) and it delivered like only a Nudie Musical can deliver.  With songs about dancing dildo's, lesbian's, and orgasm's what red blooded teenager wouldn't love it?  Throw in Cindy William's and a small cameo by Ron Howard (neither of which appeared nude thank GOD!!) and I was hooked.

The music is totally passable, if not actually good, or even great depending on your taste level.  My taste level being bottom feeder low I think it's a toe tapping, silly, well written, musical camp extravaganza by Bruce Kimmel (also known as Guy Haines) who also stars in the movie and directed it along with Mark Haggard.  Kimmel/Haines is maybe best know as a record producer and founder of Kritzerland Records.  But I will always remember the Thanksgiving that Patrick Herwood and I got wasted on box wine and listened to this all day (this and Exanaplanatooch, that dreadful song cut from Hair.)  But that's day we put 2 and 2 together and figured out that Haines/Kimmel where the same guy!  It's also the day I learned the importance of a properly thawed out turkey.
I found this album years ago when I was working backstage at Naked Boys Singing (I am sensing a theme here.)  In between shows on Sundays I would hit all the local record stores, this came from Bleeker Street Records I think I paid 6 bucks.  Well worth every cent!  I adore that cover art!

The classic song Lesbian, Butch, Dyke sung by Debbie Shapiro (later know and Debbie Shapiro Gravitte or Debbie Gravitte) a fabulous belter of The Great White Way . I wish she had more to sing, a voice like hers deserves more than 44 seconds.  The plot is easy, Harry Schechter, heir to a Hollywood studio forced to make a musical comedy porno in order to stave off bankruptcy. The movie features a series of farcical lewd musical numbers in the style of classical Hollywood musical comedies.  The movie has low-budget feel, with a "musical-within-a-movie" theme ala Singing in the Rain.  I would have paid even more good money to see Debbie Reynolds sing Lesbian, Butch, Dyke to Jean Hagan!

An early staple of Cinemax, it has become a cult classic since its initial release and was released on DVD in 2001. It was one of several farcical musical-comedy collaborations between Kimmel (who also co-starred in the movie) and Williams, along with The Creature Wasn't Nice in 1981. Originally distributed by Paramount Pictures in 1976, it was picked up by World-Northal in 1977 and re-released to great acclaim, first in New York, where it opened the same week as New York, New York and got much better reviews, played for three months exclusively at the 68th Street Playhouse, and then went into wider distribution - the week it went wide it was the fourth highest grossing picture in the United States.

(The Lights and the Smiles - Annette O'Toole)
Digging this album out and blogging about it has renewed my interest in the material so I decided I'd pop on amazon and buy it.  Sadly it's currently out of print and the cheapest copy is 49 bucks!!!   Way too much for anything like this.

 (Perversion - Juanita)
I always find when I break down and pay 50 bucks for something like a record or a DVD I always end up feeling like it wasn't worth the price.  Which is the reason I didn't buy it last time it was released on DVD.  It was $29.99 and to me this is definitely $14.99 or less movie. It is set to come out on Blue Ray later this year!!

(The First Nudie Musical)
Cindy Williams

(Dancing Dildos - Mary LaRue and her Dildos)
Stephen Nathan, Cindy Williams, Bruce Kimmel

(Where is a Man - Vallerie Gillett)
A Whore sitting on Stephen Nathan

(Let em' Eat Cake - Harry, Rosie, Chorus)
a lyric sheet with my album, how considerate!

(I Don't Have to Hide Anymore - Bruce Kimmel)

Love it, hate it, or learning about it for the first time The First Nudie Musical is worth exploring.  Now I just wish I could watch it!


  1. You've got Bruce Kimmel and Stephen Nathan reversed in the photo captions.

  2. First time around here and I Love your blog already!

  3. Thanks gelo! and oops anonymous. I'll fix that

  4. Yes, I too have fallen in love with your blog via this post. There's just no denying the dancing dildos.

    I can really hear your "voice" in your writing- great stuff.

  5. It's being re-released.

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