Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hurricane Irene came and went like a Whitney Houston comeback, a lot of hype that didn't amount to much.  But we still did as we were asked and prepared go-bags (mine had my external hard drive, ipod, phone charger, change of clothes, about 400 dollars cash, and 2 bottles of water) and stocked up on food we'll never eat (Top Ramon and Soup) and of course hit the liquor store hard.  We are lucky to have some of our dearest friends living right near us and so we had them over for some pre-storm drinking and general merriment.
(From back to front Dan, Anne, Tirtzah, Josh, Me)
It was Anne who turned us onto this blog called   What a cool fucking idea!!  They sum it up best "one or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s) causing an illusion"  It took us collectively 8 seconds to decide we were gonna get wasted and play Sleeveface till the storm took our power.  We all took off to different area's and began digging through our album collection.  It took us a couple shots to get the hang of it, here are our first 2.
Me as Carol Burnett
Josh as Phyllis Diller
Now you know you are in a room full of theater people when everyone looks at the first 2 pictures and starts saying things like "what we need to do is stage the pictures" "put people in clothes that kind of match the album art" and the next thing you know we are doing full costumes.  Josh found a couple classics right away and it was fairly easy to style his shoot, just a leather jacket and his hands...
Josh as the Fonz
Josh as Bowie
Now we knew we needed to not only dress up but we also had to pose in a way that the person on the cover might have been posing.  We decided to try our first duo cover...
Dan and Josh Ann and Nancy Wilson
After one final tweak we really started to take the whole thing overboard.  We hang sheets between rooms to trap the air conditioning in and one of them is white....we found our background and really hit our stride. 
Me as Vince Guaraldi
I mean....COME ON!  This is amazing, but it took the work of five people to get this shot, and probably took 20 minutes standing totally still and holding that album in place to stage it so everything was matching up as best we could get it.  But the final product is flawless!!!
Tirtzah as Merman
Dan as Peggy Lee
Anne as Eydie Gorme
It was at this point that the news media had scared us all to go back to their respective homes in Astoria at the early hour of 8:00pm.  What a night we had doing what we all do best drinking, and being amazingly creative.  Don't forget to check out they are the people who made Hurricane Irene so goddamn much fun.


  1. thanks babe! we had so much fun taking them

  2. This made Me laugh so much!! I felt like I was there!!! Miss Mardi xx

  3. My brother and I have loved doing this for we created an iPhone app for it! It's called Sleevefacer and you can get it here:

    Just choose album art, line it up and snap a photo, it's fun, easy...and veeeeeeeery addicting! Check out the gallery of sleevefaces taken with the app here: