Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Burt Reynolds

Being a connoisseur of pop culture also means I am a connoisseur of all things celebrity.  Especially celebrity vinyl.  But even in the world of celebrity vinyl there are few things weirder or grosser than Burt Reynolds self titled album...Burt Reynolds. A champion of men, an actor's actor, and the only person I know who has definitely been in Loni Anderson, Burt exemplifies just what I love most about celebrity vinyl.  An album where people were clearly trying to capitalize off his fame by pumping out a shitty record to sell to the throngs of ladies who can't get enough hairy, burly, Burt Reynolds in their lives!

I know the big question on your mind is as such; What kind of music does old slugstache sing on his debut LP? Well as you can hear from the track above (Childhood 1949) it's a mix of Peter, Paul and Mary, the soundtrack to The Last Unicorn, and a touch of country, with a whole lot of shit thrown in. A lot of it is "spoke sung" which worked for Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady, but on an music album it just makes Burt sound ...talentless.

But Burty Poo was far from talentless, just check out this cut song from Best Little Whorehouse in Texas called...wait for it...Where The Stallions Run. So cut Burt some slack, he's a damn icon. And one thing every icon needs under their belt is an album. So check that off your bucket list Burt.

I will leave you with this last spoke sung bit of brilliance. Thanks Burt...thanks.

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