Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Very Vinyl Whores Halloween: Altered States

I've never actually seen Altered States (I know it's been added to my netflix que).  But I think this counts as a horror movie soundtrack (had I thought ahead I wouldn't have done The Shining Soundtrack blog when I did, I'd have saved it for Halloween but please feel free to check it out.)  As I said I haven't seen the movie but I did sit down this week and listen to the score for Altered States and I have to say it makes me wish I had seen it.  The music definitely sets the mood for something creepy and strange.

The music is written by John Corigliano who was mostly a classical composer but did a few film scores.

True horror scores stand on their own and are able to strike fear with out the moving image. And this score nails the mood.  So based on the music alone I guess I should have seen this damn movie.

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