Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Very Vinyl Whores Halloween: Ghost Stories Alfred Hitchcock

Happy Halloween my fellow whores of vinyl.  Today Dan and I are hunkered down in the house.  Both with colds, just lounging about watching old horror movies.  Right now we are watching Karen Black, Bette Davis and Burgess Meredith in Burnt Offerings.  So why not do a quick blog while we watch.  Here is a great kids album Ghost Stories presented by Alfred Hitchcock!

It's pretty straight forward.  Old Hitch does the intro complete with his theme music, and trademark tongue and cheek dry delivery.
 The stories are (as you would expect from a kids album) tepid at best but with that Hitchcock feel.
Here it is all in one track for your listening pleasure.

Happy Halloween from your Vinyl Whores

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  1. I love that kid on the back cover. More specificly, I like his hair.